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Leni Lupin

After graduating from the university HS Augsburg in communication design, Leni moved to Berlin in 2019 and after a few internships there she started working as a freelance illustrator.

It all started with an Etsy shop.

She designed greeting cards, fabric patterns and stickers and had them produced and since the fabric designs in particular sold really well, quickly focused on designing fabrics.

By 2022, Leni had established herself as a freelance fabric designer, collaborating with esteemed clients such as Lillestoff, Alles für Selbermacher, Poshpinks, and Mountain Merch, showcasing her intricately detailed, hand-drawn designs.

In early 2024, Leni expanded her repertoire, joining Wild as Heck to lend her illustration talents to their luxurious Australian wool hat collection.


Witnessing the evolution of an idea into a tangible product holds a special place in Leni's heart.

After living in Berlin for 5 years Leni embarked on the next step of pursuing her dream and moving to Birmingham. She is also an urban fantasy writer and has a deep love for the culinary arts.

Contact Leni Lupin for commissions.

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