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Leni Lupin

After studying communication design at the HS Augsburg, I moved from Bavaria to Berlin, where I have been working from home as an illustrator ever since.


I was so inspired by a home decor workshop that I took, that I started drawing a bunch of fabric patterns and what can I say, it clicked. I started with my Etsy shop "Cornflower Stories" to sell them, but now I only design for fabric companies, for example for Lillestoff. Some of my Designs are non exclusive, you can buy them via mail, check out my catalogue!


Seeing customers sew something from my fabrics is very special to me and it's almost like the design is given a life!

You can see lots of great sewing examples on my Instagram account leni_lupin and in my portfolio.


Why Leni Lupin? Well..I was watching Harry Potter the day before I signed on instagram and named myself after the werewolf. But the name fits so perfectly that I kept it as my stage name.


The special thing about my patterns is that they tell a story. Each design is lovingly hand drawn by me with gel ballpoint pen. The inspiration for my motives is nature, which fascinates me again and again.

Feel free to contact me for commissions!

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